Black Cat

Black Cat
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Skill level

Black Cat is a cool toy, present, Halloween decoration. You can try it in beige to make more girl like, or add bright orange to hair or dress.
       The Cat crocheting may be a little chalanging. Mainly due to the small fingers and black color. Bright lamp turned on even at the day time will help with dark yarn. And a little of patience will make small fingers not so frustrating Улыбаюсь 

Pattern features

- the toy is 25 cm high (the size can differ depending on the yarn you choose)
- the pattern is in pdf, 20 pages 
- English language, USA terminology 
- the toy is crocheted in rounds right side out 
- the hair is just ordinary yarn! No felting wool
- the pattern includes face instructions and hair photo tutorial 


You can get my help in crocheting regardless from when you have bought the pattern.

If you have lost the file or delated it just contact me and I'll be happy to resend it to you.

Materials you will need

- Light Worsted yarn of black color.

- Hook that matches your yarn.

I used YarnArt Baby acrylic yarn 300m in 100g and 1.5mm Clover hook. The finished toy size when crocheted with this yarn is 25 cm.

- Yarn for hair and dress. I used the same acrylic yarn as for the body in gray and black. But you can replace them with any other colors. How about bright orange? Or maybe orange with green? This yarn should be soft enough. It will be impossible to make such fluffy hair with cotton.

- A thick comb to separate the yarn and make it fluffy on the dress and hair.

- Polyester fiberfill (or any other toy stuffing).

- A little (about 0.5 – 1 m) of 6 strand embroidery floss or ordinary yarn to embroider the lips and shade the eyes. I use green and bright red acrylic yarn.

- Tapestry needle to sew parts of the toy.

- 2 black beads 4 mm in diameter (but it’s a good idea to pick the bead size after the head is finished and you can try them on. Maybe you will like some other eyes size better.  Besides with different yarn you can get a bigger or smaller toy that mine that will need bigger or smaller beads for eyes). You can use safe eyes instead of beads.  But in this case you will need to attach them before the head is finished and stuffed. And not after this as instructed in the pattern for beads

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