Christmas Penguin

Christmas Penguin
  • Christmas penguin crochet for christmas by mashutkalu
  • mashutkalu funny penguins crochet toy pattern
  • crochet christmas sock stoking
Skill level

Улыбаюсь These penguins with big eyes are my favorite designs! Enjoyable to make, easy to assemble, alive and fun when finished! 
All the detailes are crocheted with the same yarn type. You won't need any special materials or skills to make it. Only if you choose to add some embelishments.

I described all the steps very detailed, so that you could just enjoy the process of making it! Without getting stuck here or there.

You can sell the finished toys made from this pattern if you want to.

Pattern Features:

- The pattern includes the wing connection tutorial.

- It is 17 pages long

- The finished penguin is 10 cm high, but its size can differ a lot depending on the yarn you choose
- Th penguin is crocheted in continuous spirals right side out or wrong side out

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