Penguin Smart

Penguin Smart
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Skill level

My new smart penguin and me we just Love books!  Улыбаюсь And do you?

You can read books, smell them, arrange on the shelves, buy them or give as a present, you can reread books or touch their covers.

You can also CROCHET books! 

The pattern includes:

- penguin pattern
- movable wings tutorial
- graduate hat pattern
- book pattern

Patern features

- penguin size is about 11 - 14 сm
- the pattern s in pdf in 14 pages
- the toy is crocheted right side out in spirals. Eyes and white chest are crocheted wrong side out
- wings are movable
- all pages are sewed separately
- you will need reverse sincle crochet stitch for edges 


You can get my help in crocheting regardless from when you have bought the pattern.

If you have lost the file or delated it just contact me and I'll be happy to resend it to you.

You will need

- 5 colors of the same yarn size: white, black, yellow, brown and green

- a hook that matches the yarn

- a tapestry needle to sew the parts of  the toy

- polyester fiberfill

- a long thin needle and black cotton yarn to sew the wings movable


I have used 100% acrylic yarn 300m in 100g , and 1.5 mm Clover hook

The height of the penguin crocheted with this yarn is about 10 cm.

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