+ 3 USD

+ 3 USD
Skill level

If you have my Dora or Swiper pattern (bought in  any of my shops - etsy, ravelry, amigurumipatterns or mashutkalu.com)

You can pay extra 3 dollars to get the second pattern. You will get the same 8 dollars in total as when buing the pack of two patterns. 

There are no patterns for instant download here. So please write me a comment or convo telling what 2nd pattern you need  Dora or Swiper. I will send it manually to your email. And please let me know that you already have one pattern from the pack (link to your previous order or order number whould be great!) Thank you!

If you have no patterns yet you can find Dora, Swiper or Dora+Swiper patterns below 

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