Grey Cat

Grey Cat
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Skill level

A cute Grey Cat that looks like alive.

It is crocheted from bottom to top with very little sewing wrong side out. The strips on the body and tail are crocheted by changing colors. All these color changes are instructed in the pattern. 
The stripes on the head are embroidered. 
Eyes are crocheted with embroidery floss.

You won’t need any additional skills like felting to make it. 

You can sell finished toys made from this pattern.

The pattern was renewed this year in 2017. If you have the earlier versuion and want to have the pattern in the new design, please contact me, I will be glad to resend you the new pattern for free.


You can get my help in crocheting regardless from when you have bought the pattern.

If you have lost the file or delated it just contact me and I'll be happy to resend it to you.

Materials and supplies

-  Light, dark and white yarn with mohair

     I used 40% mohair 60% acrylic yarn 500 m in 100 g.

    and #1,25 Clover hook.

     I needed about 45 g of white, 30 g of light and 20 g of dark yarn.

- toy stuffing

- a tapestry needle to sew the parts of the toy and a smaller needle to embroider the nose and sew the eyes

- embroidery 6 strand floss (choose the colors you like for the nose and for the eyes + black) or you can use some toy eyes

    and a  toy nose instead of making them

- a little of thin white cotton yarn. I use DMC Perle cotton #8.

-a piece of velcro to make the cat more fluffy

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